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Employment – Current


Assistant Professor of Critical Media Studies and Big Data, Communication and Media Studies, School of Journalism and Communications, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Current research

My research focus is part of the a new field entitled critical data studies, and my areas of interest are data, infrastructures and geographical imaginations, spatial data infrastructures, open data and the preservation and access to research and geomatics data and Big Data. She is also actively engaged in public policy research as it pertains to data and their related infrastructures.

My ongoing research with the Programmable City Project is in the area of Political Arithmetic, Territorial Geometry and Programmed Cities which entails three case studies as part of Work Package 2: How are digital data materially and discursively supported and processed about cities and their citizens?

  1. Re-Ontologizing the City, focusing on the socio-technological changes of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), the Republic of Ireland’s national mapping organization, as it transformed its national cartographic database (Prime) to a real world object oriented database (Prime 2).
  2. Measuring Openess in the City, which critically examines open data from a genealogical perspective in Dublin, Ottawa, Montreal and Boston.
  3. The making of homeless people and calculating homelessness, critically examines shelter intake systems, street counts and the official census taking of people who are homeless in Dublin, Ottawa and Boston.

I am also conducting a study on the making of the Irish small area file.

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Data Studies
  • Small, big and spatial data policy
  • Data infrastructures
  • Preservation and archiving of data
  • Open Data, Open Government, Crowdsourcing
  • Evidence-informed decision making

I am also a research Associate with the following two institutions:

  1. The Programmable City Project, under the Directorship of Professor Rob Kitchin, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and based at the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), Maynooth University, Republic of Ireland.
  2. The Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, under the Directorship of Professor D. R. Fraser Taylor, in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada

Advisory Roles:

Along with theoretical and empirical research, I am involved in an advisory capacity in a number of public sector committees and participate in a number civil society activities, most notably the following:

  • National Public Bodies Working Group on Open Data (PBWG), led by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (D/PER), Republic of Ireland
  • Dublin Region Housing Executive, Research and Data Advisory Committee (DRHE-RDAC)
  • Open Knowledge FoundationIreland
  • International Research Data AllianceLegal  Interoperability Interest Group,
  • Natural Resources Canada Canada (NRCan) Roundtable on Geomatics Legal and Policy Interest Group.
  •, Canada’s first Listserve on the topic of Open data.
  • Manages the blog on topics related to open data, data politics and policy.


Employments – Past


Post-Doctoral Researcher, The Programmable City Project, National Institute for Spatial and Regional Analysis (NIRSA), National University of Ireland Maynooth, in the Republic of Ireland under the directorship of Professor Rob Kitchin.  It is a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded project. I was responsible for the following research topics: open data, open government, big data, geospatial data, data preservation, data infrastructures and critical data studies, which includes among other things, law, policy and ethics.  Conducted in-depth case studies and field research, including semi-structured interviews with cross-sectoral elite and expert key informants in the cities of Boston in the US and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.  Research also involved building upon previous research on open and geospatial data infrastructures conducted in Ottawa and Montreal and the Government of Canada.  Methods included constructing data landscapes, data and data infrastructure genealogies, discourse analysis of big data policies and applying the Kitchin Data Assemblages Framework, and the Dynamic Nominalism Hacking Framework to data, classification and data infrastructure analysis.  Advisory work entails participating in expert panels, advising the governments of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Canada on administrative, government and geospatial policy as well as data preservation.  Represent the Project at the Research Data Alliance, the Dublin City Council Data Advisory Committee, the Dublin Homelessness Research Executive, the Digital Repository of Ireland and at a number of civil society events.  Dissemination entailed convening and participating in Project workshops, seminars and launches; presenting at academic conferences; publishing academic papers, working papers and reports; responding to public consultations, including disseminating research via social media such as blogs, twitter, etc. and speaking to the media.  Write research proposals and report project progress.  Co-manage PhD students and provide expert advice to Master students at NUIM; teach graduate and undergraduate academic modules at NUIM and at other universities in Ireland.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC), Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Research Leader of the Law, Society and Cybercartography research stream currently assigned to the Mapping the Legal Boundaries of Digital Cartography project.  Also, beginning to investigate the Geography of Philanthropy, continuing ongoing work on the preservation of geospatial data, and access to public data and civil society.  Former research involved the creating the Risk of Homelessness Atlas in Canadian Cities in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, City of Toronto, Grand Montréal and the City of Calgary; Access to and Preservation of Scientific Data; Lead Trandisciplinary Research and Collaboration for the Cybercartography and the New Economy Project (1)(2), and Olfactory Cybecartography. Responsibilities include writing funding proposals, editing books, media liaison, research, content development for atlases, web content development, and I represent the GCRC on a number of government round tables associated with access to and preservation of data. (see Academic Profile).


Research Assistant, also at the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC).

Research Associate, Acacia Consulting and Research Ltd. Facilitate: the Canadian Social Data Strategy Consortium in 17 cities.  Data: acquisitions & management, visualization, indicator development, consultations, purchase and license from statistical agencies, Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, municipalities and non-governmental organizations; and develop data collection surveys for indicator projects. Themes: population health, environment, housing, homelessness, and Quality of Life indicators and data infrastructure development. Environment scans: urban environmental initiatives, population health, data infrastructures; indicators and portals. Collaborative research and consultation with project stakeholders: Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Canadian Social Data Strategy, municipal officials, National Round Table on the Economy and the Environment.


Researcher and Co-Author, Community Wireless Infrastructure Research Project (CWIRP), University of Toronto, Toward a Broadband Atlas for the Province of Ontario, Report for the Government of Ontario.


Researcher, Committee Member and Author, International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES 2 Project), University of British Columbia.  Conducted and co-authored the Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica Scientific Focus Case Study, Lead  the General Study on the Archival practices and access policies of Scientific Data Portals, participated in all National and International Research Meetings. Member of the Scientific Focus and the Accuracy, Reliability and Authenticity Cross Domain (Publications).


Social Researcher and Community Mapping, Social Planning Council of Ottawa. Worked collaboratively with stakeholders and community partners on social policy formulation, conducted socio-economic research and did neighbourhood geodemographics with spatial location analysis. Led the Community Information and Mapping Systems of Ottawa project, the Community Information Exchange on Homelessness and the Social Planning Network of Ontario. Published maps, reports and presentations. Acquired, managed, mapped and disseminated social data.


Infrastructure Geographer, GeoConnections Secretariat, Natural Resources Canada.  Developed program delivery methodologies and procedures between Program Advisory Network nodes. Identified and implemented project proposal evaluation tools, expanded stakeholder participation, conducted research on infrastructure models, communicated the program to the public and supported scientists.


Education – Past


PhD, Geography, Carleton University,  Dissertation Title: Data, Infrastructures and Geographical Imaginations.


Master of Arts Geography Geography, Carleton University. Thesis awarded a Pass With Distinction – A Geospatial Data Infrastructure is an Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in East Timor. (Book Chapter).


BA Honours, Geography with a specialization in Geographic Information Processing (GIP), Carleton University. Awarded Highest Honours.


Permaculture Certificate, Ecological Solutions Ltd.


Diplôme de technicien, Techniques de l’architecture et de technologie, Collège des arts appliqués Algonquin, Ottawa.


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