This is a list of Geography journals, newsletters, bulletins and other publications that I compiled as part of my PhD Dissertation. I would like to thank the Map and Data Librarians at Carleton University for their assistance and the many people who pointed me to material.

Last Edited Aug, 8, 2008.

  1. Canadian Cartography
  2. Canadian Geoscience/Geomatics:
  3. Canadian Geography, Environment, and a few others:
  4. International Cartography
  5. International Geoscience/Geomatics:
  6. International Geography, Environment, and a few others:
  7. List Sources

1. Canadian Cartography

ACMLA Bulletin, Association of Canadian Map Librarias and Archives
Carto-Québec : revue de l’Association québécoise de Cartographie
Cartographic & Architectural Archivists “newsletter”
Cartographic archivists “newsletter”
Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization (Formerly the Canadian Cartographer), Canadian Cartographic Association
Cartographies : Les Presses de l’Universite de Montreal
Cartologica Québec
Cartouche Newsletter: Canadian Cartographic Association
Directory of Canadian Map Collections
Gazetteer of Canada
Geoscope: University of Ottawa
Mapping history: journal of the Historical Atlas of Canada
National Commission for Cartography
Société de cartographie du Québec Rapport Annuel
The chartered cartographer: a journal for the practicing cartographer, Ontario Institute of Chartered Cartographers
The Military Mapper, Mapping and Charting Establishment

2. Canadian Geoscience/Geomatics:

Cahier Géographique du Québec
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. Annual review
Canadian Institute of Surveying and Mapping journal
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing : Canadian Remote Sensing Society
Excellence NRCan : Geomatics Canada bulletin Geomatics Canada Bulletin
Federal geomatics Bulletin: Official publication of the Inter-Agency Committee on Geomatics
Federal Geomatics Bulletin (IACG)
Geographie et Teledetection, Bulletin de Recherche
Geomatica (formerly CISM Journal ACSGC) Canadian Institute of Geomatics
Geomatics Canada
Geomatics Canada. Annual review
Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector. Annual review
The Nova Scotian Surveyor

3. Canadian Geography, Environment, and a few others:

Bulletin – National Library of Canada
Bulletin des Societes de geographie de Quebec et de Montréal Societe de géographie de Québec et Montréal
CAG Newsletter: Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG)
Cahier de Géographie du Québec: l’Université Laval
Cahiers Québecois de demographie
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal
Canadian Circumpolar Institute. Annual report
Canadian Committee for Geography Newsletter Newsletter – Canadian Committee for Geography and Canadian Association of Geographers
Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal
Canadian Foreign Policy
Canadian Geographer: Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG)
Canadian Geographic (formerly Canadian Geographical Journal) Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Canadian Geographic Magazine: Canadian Geographic
Canadian Geographical Journal (Now Canadian Geographic) Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Canadian Geomorphology Research Group (Newsletters)

Canadian Geotechnical Journal: National Research Council of Canada
Canadian Information Processing
Canadian Issues
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences; Halifax
Canadian Journal of Communications
Canadian journal of Development Studies
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences: National Research Council of Canada
Canadian Journal of Forest Research (Canada): National Research Council of Canada
Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Canadian Journal of Public Health
Canadian Journal of Regional Science
Canadian Journal of Regional Science
Canadian Journal of Sociology
Canadian Journal of Statistics
Canadian Journal of Statistics; Nepean
Canadian Journal of Urban Research
Canadian Journal of Urban Research; Winnipeg
Canadian Library Journal
Canadian Public Administration
Canadian Public Policy
Canadian Public Policy; Guelph
Canadian Review of Social Policy; Toronto
Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism
Canadian Social Science; Montreal
Canadian Social Trends; Ottawa
Canadian Statistical Review; Ottawa
Canadian Studies in Population
Canadian Studies in Population; Edmonton
Canadian Water Resources Journal
Canadian Western Geographical Series
Commentary – C.D. Howe Institute
Contour Magazine
Database Canada
Delta : newsletter of the Canadian Global Change Program
Documentation et Bibliothëque
Ecology and Society; Ottawa
Electoral Insight; Ottawa
Enjeux Géographiques
Enviromation; North York
Environment Policy and Law
Environmental Reviews
Environmental Reviews; Ottawa
Environmental Science & Engineering
Environments; Waterloo
Excellence EMR: Energy Mines and Resources Bulletin
Fraser Institute Critical Issue Bulletin
GEO bulletin: Statistics Canada
Geographic Board of Canada. Annual report of the Geographic Board of Canada
Géographica: Actualité Montréal
Geographical bulletin: Geographical Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources
Geographie Physique et Quartenaire (Formerly Revue Géographique de Montréal)
Geography Compass
GEOinfo (Canada – L’actualité en géomatique au Québec): Chronique du québec geographique
Geology Today
Geoscience Canada: Geological Association of Canada (GAC),
Global Biodiversity
Government Information in Canada; Saskatoon
Info World Canada; Downsview
INFOR; Ottawa
Information & Technology Law; Scarborough
Information Highways
Information North
Informatique et Bureautique
International Journal of Canadian Studies
Issues in Science and Technology
Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Ethics
Journal of Canadian Studies
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science
Journal of Environmental Law and Practice
Journal of the Canadian Historical Association
Juristat: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics; Ottawa
Map news: Centre for Topographic Information
Material Culture Review
Municipal Planning and Law Reports
Nature Canada: Ottawa
New Environment
Observations : Surveys, Mapping and Remote Sensing Sector newsletter
Ontario Association for Geographical and Environmental Education
Politique et société
Prairie Perspectives
Regina Geographica Studies
Revue canadienne de géographie : Montréal, Societe de géographie de Montréal et l’Institut de géographie de l’Université
Revue de Carto-Quebec: Association québecoise de cartographie
Revue de géographie de Montréal
Royal Society of Canada: Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Ottawa
S & M News: Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Studies in Political Economy
The Great Lakes Geographer
The Northeastern Geographer
The Operational Geographer: Canadian Association of Geographers
The Walrus; Toronto, Ont.
Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada
University of Waterloo Department of Geography: Publication Series
University of Waterloo Department of Geography: Occasional Papers
Western Geography

4. International Cartography:

Arc News
Arc User
Base Line (Springfield Ill., Map and Geography Roundtable)
British Cartographic Society: Annual Symposium & Map Curator’s Group Workshop Proceedings
Bulletin du comité français de cartographie
Bulletin of the Society of Cartographers: Society of Cartographers
Cartographic Journal (UK)
Cartographic Perspectives: North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS)
Cartographical Progress: Royal Geographical Society
Cartographical Survey: Royal Geographical Society, Formerly Cartographical Progress
Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS) Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS),
Contour: Newsletter of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library
Coordinates Series A: American Library Association.
Coordinates Series B: American Library Association.
GEO World
Geographical Review (US)
GIS News
HES Studies in the History of Cartography and Scientific Instruments
Imago Mundi (International – history)
IMCoS journal: International Map Collectors’ Society
Information Bulletin (Western Association of Map Libraries)
International Cartographic Association (ICA – many publications with commissions)
IGU bulletin: International Geographical Union.
International Symposium on Automated Cartography Proceedings
Journal of Map and Geography Libraries: Map Librarians
Journal of Maps (JoM)
L’Espace Géographique (France)
Le Monde des cartes (France)
Map World Magazine (Australia)
MapForum.Com (Specialist Antique Map Magazine)
Mapline (US Chicago)
Mercator’s world: the magazine of maps, atlases, globes, and charts
Modern Cartography
Spatial Science (International)
Terra Incognitae (US?International?)
The Map Report
The Portolan
Who’s who in the history of cartography

5. International Geomatics/GIS:

ACSM Bulletin
Annals of GIS (British)
Applied Geomatics
Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy
Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy
Cahiers des explorateurs
Computers and Geosciences
Directions magazine
Environmental and Ecological Statistics (International)
Environmental Modeling and Assement (International)
Geo-spatial information science (China)
GeoCarto International
GeoConnections International
Geographical Analysis (International)
Geography Compass
GeoInfo Systems (US?)
GeoInformatica (International)
Geomatics info magazine (Netherlands)
Geomatics World (UK)
GIM International
GIScience and Remote Sensing (US)
GPS World (US)
Innovations in GIS
International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
International Association of Geodesy Bulletin
International GeoScience and Remote Sensing Symposium Digest
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoInformation
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
International Journal of Digital Earth (International)
International Journal of Geographical Information Science (International)
International Journal of GeoInformatics
International Journal of Health Geographics
International Journal of Navigation and Observation (International)
International Journal of Remote Sensing (International)
International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research (International)
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Proceedings
ISPRS Highlights
Journal of Ancient Topography
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing
Journal of Geographical Systems (International)
Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmosphere (US)
Journal of Hydroinformatics (International)
Journal of Location Based Services (British)
Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (US)
Journal of Spatial Information Sciences
Journal of Spatial Science
Marine Geodesy
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (US)
Remote Sensing Letters
Remote Sensing of Environment
Reports on Geodesy
Revue francaise de photogrammetrie et de teledetection
Revue Internationale de Géomatique
Surveying and Land Information Science (ACSM)
Surveys, Analysis, Modelling and Mapping Research Programme
Teledetections (France)
The Globe (Australia and New Zealand)
The Photogrammetric Record
Transactions in GIS
Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (US?)

6. International Geography:

ACME (International)
Annales de geographie
Annals of Regional Science
Annals of the Association of American Geographers (US)
Antipode (UK)
Applied Geography
Arctic, Polar Record
Area (British Royal Society)
Bulletin of Geography
Cambridge Geographical Studies
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society (Oxford Journals)
Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography
Canada and US annual Report, rapport annuel conjoint International Boundary Commission
Circumpolar Studies
Climatic Change Arctic, Polar Record
Cybergeo (Europe)
Economic Geography
Economic Geography (Clark University)
English Place Name Society journal
Environment and Planning A (International?)
Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy (International?)
Environment and Planning D: Society & Space (International?)
Espaces et milieux
Espaces Geographiques
European Journal of Geography
FGDC newsletter
Focus on Geography
Gender, Place and Culture (US AAG)
GEO (France)
GEO Special
GeoCarrefour (lyon)
GeoForum (International)
Geographie et Cultures
Geographie, Economie, Societe
Geography and Natural Resources (Russia)
Geography Compass
Geography Review (UK)
GeoJournal (International)
Global Environmental Change
Globe Studies (Austria)
Great Plains Quarterly
Growth and Change (US, Wiley-Blackwell)
Health and Place (UK)
Herodote (France)
Historical Geography (US)
Historical Geography Research Paper Series
ICA Proceedings
IGU Bulletin
International Journal of Rural Management
International Journal of Rural Studies
International Regional Science Review
International Scientific Journal Geographica Pannonica
International Western Geographical Series
Journal Material Culture
Journal of Biogeography
Journal of Borderland Studies
Journal of Cultural Geography
Journal of Economic Geography
Journal of Economic Geography (Oxford Journals)
Journal of Environmental Management,
Journal of Geographical Sciences
Journal of Geography
Journal of Geography and Geology
Journal of Historical Geography
Journal of Rural Studies
Journal of Transport Geography
L’information Géograhique
La Géographie (France)
La traverse des mondes
National Geographer
National Geographic
Natural Resources Forum (UN)
Papers amd Proceedings of Applied Geography Conferences
Perspectives in Urban Geography
Place Reseach Centre (Occasional Papers)
Polar Geography
Polar Record
Polar Resarch
Polar Times
Political Geography (International?)
Political Handbook of the World
Population Geography
Population, Space and Place
Professional Geographer (US AAB)
Professional Surveyor
Progress in Human Geography (British)
Progress in Physical Geography
Regional Geography
Regional Studies
Research in Contemporary and Applied Geography
Research Papers in Geography and Environmental Studies
Social and Cultural Geography
Social Geography Discussions
Société des explorateurs et des voyageurs français
Société des explorateurs français
Space and Culture
Space and Polity (International?)
Spatial Practices
Territorie en mouvement
The Geographical Journal (British Royal Geographical Society)
The Open Geography Journal
The Professional Geographer (US)
Transactions (British)
Urban Geography
Urban Studies
World Fact Book
World Journal of Geography

7. List Sources:

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